Frequently asked Questions

Q: In terms of taxes?

No ISF, reduced VAT rate of 10% for imported models … tax that applies to collector cars can be interesting.

Q: Are spare parts easy to find?

When choosing your classic car, you wonder if it will be easy to maintain, especially if you can easily find spare parts. Some dealers like BMW, Porsche, Audi or Mercedes-Benz still produce parts for their classic models and offer maintenance services. But this is often not the case for many automotive brands. And when the brand has just disappeared, finding the right piece can raise a real obstacle course!

Do not worry, even after receiving your vehicle, you remain a customer Luxury Cars and Boats, and as we are at your disposal to help you, advise you and answer any questions you can ask yourself … Or and how to ensure my collection of car? do I have it appraised ?, in which to find spare parts oil ?, what do I need ?, the quote that we propose for he is a repair okay?.

Q: The papers of the vehicle please?

You have chosen your car or your boat collection and the time of purchase happened:
We provide you all the necessary papers for the successful completion of your paperwork.

For a car:
– The certificate of registration “vintage car” in your name;
– The form cerfa No. 13754 * 02 of the vehicle transfer declaration;
– The certificate of administrative situation, also said “no-guarantee certificate”;
– The minutes of the last technical check dated within 6 months;
– The maintenance book and invoices proving any repairs.

For a vessel:

the original ship’s purchase invoice or the original of the deed containing all information relating to the ship and his administrative position (it must be endorsed by the Delegation to the sea and coast if door on a ship with a crew employee)
– The certificate of registry,
-. The plug pleasure on behalf of the buyer, 2 copies

Q: Is the vehicle in good condition?

During the sale, we operate a number of controls to avoid the car of your dreams from turning into a wreck at midnight:

We monitor for corrosion and rust on the body, particularly on the sills and inside the wings (they are often synonymous with poor maintenance).
We start the car to listen to the engine and make sure it runs well. Idling must be stable. We carry out a test drive.
We take a look at mileage: if it is low, this is not a good sign (a vintage car that does not run tends to deteriorate faster).
We control the opening (doors, luggage …) operate without particular resistance and there are no squeaks.
Another point that we check. Lighting automotive, security, everything is everything is not less than 70 checkpoints

Q: What we do and why we do it?

We offer for sale of collector cars and boats of prestige to the best market prices. We do this by passions and desire for knowledge sharing that our customers can fully enjoy their investment.

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