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These are just two collectors and automotive enthusiasts and boats, which have decided to bring their experience to the service of their clients. By combining two distinct worlds, the collection of automotive and prestigious yachting, Isabelle and Didier wish to provide the best services to their customers enthusiasts.

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Are presented only vehicles complying with our quality charter. Before its sale, each vehicle undergoes an examination comprising 70 checkpoints on the mechanical parts, the chassis and the bodywork, interior and upholstery, accessories. A complete dynamic test is also performed at the reception of each vehicle by our foreman. Similarly each vehicle undergoes inspection slip for the motor cuts (except technical impossibility own vehicle) and / or control of cold oil pressure. We have it for a workshop equipped and specialized mechanics old mechanical and sporting ...


We have one in our network, the car you are looking for. We seek the best for you!


Buying your vehicle is subject to a specific contract of sale (price, accessories, options). It comes ready to be registered (Technical Control + invoice + certificate of transfer).


Luxury Cars and Boats to order directly to your home at no additional cost.


Our prices are net prices TTC.Les vintage cars are not subject to environmental tax: the eco-tax applies only to new vehicles and the CO2 tax vehicles put into circulation from 1 June 2004.

Your satisfaction is the best recommendation ...


Salon de Genève 1963

Where and how secure my collection of car? Do I have it appraised ?, in which to find replacement parts oil ?, what ?, do I put the quote that we propose for repair is t- correct? .. Even after receiving your vehicle, you remain a customer Luxury Cars and Boats, and as we sum available to help you, advise you and answer any questions you can ask yourself ..

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